I’ll Be Busy With Bach For A While.

Wait ’till you see this folks!

A few weeks back I was talking to an ex-school teacher of mine about music.
The talk turned around to Classical music and I mentioned that I loved the work of Bach.

Me: “I don’t have a lot of Bach, but I’m gonna do something about that when pay day rolls around”.

John: “Good luck with that, I know you tend to get obsessive and completest when you hit on music you like”.

Me: ‘Yeah, well, y’know…”

John: “Bach left a huge body of work y’know! Maybe I could help you out a little with that”.

And that was that.

Met up with him the other day:

John: “Y’know how you were talking about Bach and how you were interested in getting more than you have?”

Me: “…Yeah?”

(He hands me this bag full of CD’s & DVD’s).

John: “So now, you got it all!”

Me: “John…What the hell’s this John?”

John: “It’s everything. Go home & check it out”.

So, I did.
Know what was on the discs?



The Complete Works of Johann Sebastian Bach.
160 CD’s worth!

John’s a man with a big heart who knows how to get certain things.
Things I can’t get,
He gets them for me.
I never ask, but he’s incredible for doing stuff like this often.

I have a week off work.
Good thing too!
I’m gonna be busy!

What a guy!

Thanks John!!!

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  1. D – A – DAMN!!!

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