Pounding The Streets.

I haven’t written anything on here for a while.
Here’s why:

A lotta things have been going on around/with me.

A lotta folk dying,
Folks having kids,
Relationship Ups & Downs,
People getting ill etc…

A whole lotta changes.

A few weeks back I had one of those:
“Right! Life’s way too short” moments.

Which, you would think, would be a good thing.
A positive thing!
A forward thing.

I then started to experience one of those:
“Fuck. I’ve achieved nothing ever” moments.

Which is:
(a) Not true.
(b) Not like me at all.

So, I decided to do the only thing I knew how to.

Pound the streets.
Think things over, and fucking well move forward.

See this:


That’s been me for the past few weeks.
Walking the streets at all hours in thought.

I would walk and walk, down streets, through alleys, anywhere.
Then, I would round it off in a cafe at night then catch the bus home.

Know what?
It’s fucking well done the trick.
I needed it.

I shook off whatever was bugging me.
Maybe it was a wee mid life crisis.
But I’m 27, So maybe it wasn’t.

Whatever it was, It slowed me down and I didn’t dig it one bit.

I’m quite and upbeat guy.
It takes a lot to knock me down.
I doubt myself loads but that’s normal ain’t it?

I’m the type of feller that needs loads of time alone and recently,
I’ve not really had that kind of space.

Anyways, It’s over & done with now.
Normal service has resumed folks!

I’ll chalk that one up to experience.
Heh heh.

That’s me away to get on with my life!

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