Artist: Paul Kenton.

I don’t think it’s a secret that I’m in love with New York City is it?

Maybe that’s why I passed a gallery in Glasgow a while back and froze in my tracks when I saw these baby’s:




I seriously considered buying the top one.

Only reason I didn’t was because,
When it comes down to it,
Where the hell do you hang something like that in a house?

It doesn’t belong couped up in a house.
It’s too lively and big and in your face!

I love these!
You can almost see them moving.

I’ve been going to visit these works in a Glasgow Gallery a lot recently.
To the point where the owner is giving me a look that says:
“Buy it or get to fuck!” 🙂

It’s like I can’t stop staring at these.
You could live in paintings like these. 🙂

The artist is a guy named Paul Kenton.
You can visit his site here.

If you live in Glasgow,
They have some of Mr. Kentons’ work in Castle Galleries inside Princess Square on Buchanan Street.

Bye for now. 🙂

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  1. Cheers for those nice words, now get in there and buy that painting!

    All the best

    Paul Kenton

  2. Thanks Paul!

    Imagine you being the first one to comment!

    You do good work.

    I think I will buy it.
    I love it.

    Al Cook.

  3. Wow! What hath God…er… Al wrought in this blog? A nice way to see some great art AND he manages to attract the artist’s attention.

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