Bono? Yeah? Fancy That.

I was working at a classical music concert at The Glasgow City Halls tonight.
A fucking great concert I should add!

I was standing around, Pretending to look busy when I spotted an older looking couple who looked lost.

(The Lady did all the talking while the Husband looked shy and embarrased). πŸ™‚

Me: “Do you know where you’re supposed to be sitting?”

Lady: “No, could you perhaps show us our seats?”

Me: “Sure, I can do that”.

Looked at their tickets:

Row: U.
Seats: 2 & 3.

Me: “Ah, your seat m’dear is “U2″. Fancy that!”

Lady: “Ha! Just like that young pop group!”

Me: “Ehm…Yeah…young.., Imagine that.
Incidentally, I heard their new album recently.
I thought it was rubbish. No more or less to add. Just rubbish really”.

Lady: “Goodness! I’m so glad you said that”.

Me: “Oh Yeah? Why’s that?”

Lady: “Well, You see, Bono… (:)


…Is our next door neighbour to our property in Dublin and he’s a nice young fellow.

But, you see, We can never seem to bring ourselves around to mentioning the fact that we find his music to be, Well, Not our cup of tea”.

Me: “Well, y’know, Whatever puts the wind in your sails right?
I think you should definately tell him.
Maybe you could tell him where you think he’s going wrong”.

See folks,
The new U2 album does nothing for me.
It just doesn’t.

However, I think they’re a fucking great band with enough great songs and albums under their belts to merit an “Okay” release.

Hmm…Maybe I should have said this to the Lady at the time.

After all, Who am i to say!

Did I make The Joshua Tree?

Did New York City name a Street after me?

And speaking of Streets, Could I make a non existent one with no name famous?

…Of course, Now that I think about it,
There’s a good chance that she was talking bullshit.

Who knows?

(Bono maybe..)

Anyways, That’s what happened.

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