Demo: ‘Natalie’.

I came across a box of discs the other day and was suprised to find a bunch of recordings I did a while ago.
Some are good, Others, Not so good.
In time, I’ll post them all up here.

Anyways, I came across one of my song ‘Natalie’.

I had a lotta fun doing that track and the acoustic demo was nice to hear again as I fumbled about looking for chords and notes and well…general direction.

Under ‘Songs’, You can hear The final one and the Rough Demo Here.

(P.S. I realise that my demos are very very rough and probably only interesting to me so I’ll take the demo down within a week or so.
However, The link will still allow you to hear the finished song).

And since this is such a short post, Here’s the lyrics:

‘Natalie’ By Alan Cook.

So you burned all your bridges
And you missed all your chances
Now you twitch at the curtains
Tying up phonelines all day long

You ripped up your photographs
And put holes in the walls
You tore out the last pages
Of my favourite books most of all

Please Natalie don’t push me over the edge
Please Natalie remember once we were friends

I emptied my pockets
And gave it to you
Who used it for useless things
Things you would never ever use

I heard on the wireless
As i painted for you
You’d done it all before
Well what could i possibly do?

Please Natalie don’t push me over the edge
Please Natalie remember once we were friends

I fell down

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  1. I actually like that song… I was thinking of asking to use the end of it at the end of that “Goodbye Old PC” video, but I’ll wait until I actually film something on that…

  2. I like this song but your New York City one is just amazing.

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