Drinking In The Bath For The Sake Of Art.

A few days ago,
I gave acting a go when I filmed a scene for a pals’ short film.

It’s definately something I’ve always been interested in but never attempted for fear of being bad at it.

What can I say?
It was a fun experience and I will definately be attempting more again in the near future.

Originally, I only had one scene and one line, But I cheekily managed to expand on it a little to get more time onscreen so we’ll see what transpires…

So, I’d read the script over a few times and still, I have no idea what it’s about.
I like that.
Heh heh.

I played a guy in a bathtub whos’ morning wine drinking is interupted by a man coming into the bathroom to pee.
(Yes, the wine was my idea. :))
Any excuse folks!

Actually the wine idea backfired a little on me as I had to drink more for the re-takes! 🙂

I was comfortable enough doing the scene and all of us ended up laughing quite a bit at my fuck-ups,
But I quickly realised how hard it is to come across as natural when your situation is anything but natural.

To get the shots,
I was in the bath, The other actor was peeing, The director was operating the camera, whilst another guy held a boom mike over me.

I was prepared for all that but, unprepared for how small the bathroom was.
It was fucking tiny!
Which then meant, angle and position problems.
I think we managed to get it all sorted out fine though and get through the takes.

It’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.
I’ll maybe post it up here when I get my copy.

So, it was a ‘First’ for me and very interesting to see how these things are done.

All the fellas involved were cool and I left to let the main actor do the rest of his scenes in peace.

So that’s another one to tick off on my previous New Years Resolution post.

Oh aye,
On the way out, I got asked to audition for the director’s next project:
The part of a villan in a black comedy superhero short!

Fuck knows how that one will turn out if I land it!

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  1. And maybe we can get you in some voice acting soon?

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