My Record Collection.

Today, I decided to sort through my record collection:



These photos don’t convey how much I actually have but you get the idea.
And these are only the CD’s.
(You should see my vinyl).

So, My idea was to sort through it all and get rid of the records I don’t really play.
Result: I got rid of 3 because they were scratched.

So, back up upon the creaky shelves they all went again:



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  1. Hmmm… I see some CDs by TDK… Are they any good? 🙂

  2. No, you only see TDK cases.
    Inside are Sony CD’s as the TDK ones are no good.

  3. Sony CD-Rs and DVD-/+Rs are good…

  4. is imation cd-r any good? i have some Cds burned on imation and sony. mostly they’re bootlegs and out of print albums

    • I dunno what i have on my imitation discs Curran but I do remember them as being pretty reliable.

      I use Sony ones now if I need to but I’m gonna digitise my collection now as it is taking over my house.

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