Limmy On BBC 2 Scotland.

Who’s Limmy?

If you’re Scottish and don’t know, then you may as well find out about him by starting at the start like the rest of us did by playing with this:

Then, you should probably visit

Me & Anna saw his stand up at The Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.
It was great  considering the guy doesn’t really do stand up.

Also, his ‘World Of Glasgow’ podcast is right up there with the best in Scottish Comedy.
‘World Of Glasgow’ is available for free through itunes folks!

Anyways, I’ll cut to the point here.

The pilot of this guys’ TV Show is on BBC 2 Scotland tonight at 10pm and probably on the BBC iplayer afterwards.

I’d reccomend it.

As a wee taster, Here’s just one (They’re all good) of my favourite Limmy things:

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  1. “This video is not available in your country or domain.”

    Damn, being American can suck sometimes!

  2. Not to worry for all videos can be found at

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