What Does This Dream Mean?

Me and a pal were talking about dreams recently and she got me thinking about one I had 2 nights ago.

I wrote it down as soon as I woke up in terror to preserve it.

Here it is:

So I come out from seeing a theatre show into a glossy rain soaked car park.
(Lotta colour, light reflecting in puddles etc..)
Somewhere far off, A radio was playing “Raining In My Heart” By Buddy Holly.

(I remember the song getting to the part where Buddy sings: “Oh, Misery, Misery. What’s Gonna Become of me?”)

I hear screaming.
Two women screaming hysterically!

(I do first aid in real life folks).

So, I go into first aid mode and run over to find these two women looking at an old woman who is lying face down in the wet street.

I bend down to find that the old womans’ teeth have been completely smashed into the tarmac and she’s obviously dead.
No pulse,
Grey skin,
Unatural position,
Dried blood spattered up the side of her broken jaw etc…
In other words: Deader than Buddy Holly himself.

I look up to the two hysterical women only to find that they are now completely calm.
– Calm with the most indifferent look on their faces.

I say:
“What the fuck!?”
“How long has this woman been like this!?”
“How fucking long!?”

(This is where it started to get freaky folks).

The women look at me then start to snigger.
Then they start to laugh.
– Heartily and mockingly!

Then, a crowd formed and started to snigger at my hopelessness and horror.

I was about to let go of the dead woman and run when I felt something change in my hand.

I looked down and felt that it was the dead womans’ facial expression change in my hand.

She was smirking.

Then I woke up.
Freezing and wide eyed.

-So, that was my dream, and I can’t really convey on here how terrifying it actually was at the time but trust me, It was.

All thoughts will be read, considered, and put beside my own personal thoughts on this.

Bye for now folks.
Don’t have nightmares.

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  1. Who the hell knows. You assume it reflects some truth about the “real world.” Maybe it doesn’t.

  2. That is one weird dream… I should send a link to Audrey. (That would be a great opening for a horror flick, though.)

  3. Randy, It involves enough things about my “real world” which is why it’s scary to me.

    I’m just after other folks’ thoughts here.

    All the same, thanks for the comment.

  4. Jared, feel free to freak your Audrey out 🙂

  5. Well this scared me… Maybe you saw a scary movie recently? Read a scary book? Or it could be another fear in your subconscious coming to life in your dreams. It is not always obvious because dreams are like puzzles. I am one of those people who do not like to dream. I usually do not. But there are some dreams I had during my lifetime that I vividly remember while others became just a blur. I remember having a recurring dream many years ago. Those I think would be the worst. So I hope this dream you had was a one time thing.

  6. You won’t freak me out by this dream by far, Al.
    Come on, I am the one that see dead folks and talks to them. I have intrepted quite a number of dreams and they have actually happened.

    Ok, the first part of the dream, its starts off as comforting, rain showing that the air is new and fresh and the world is peacefully being cleansed. Basically, your subconcious mind is in its “happy place/spot.” For some reason after listening to the song (and yes, I did look up the song and listen to it), your soul starts becoming troubled and what it does is it induces fear. Fear can start coming in all different shapes and most commonly in dreams its death. You hear the screaming and see the old woman that has obviously been beaten to death.
    This then induces your pulse to speed up which then does one of two things, you either wake up with a fever and sweating or it starts sending chills through you (basically you said you woke up freezing correct?).
    Now the dead woman is really the minor issue in all of this, for death is just the sign of fear. The laughter in hysterics is what we are actually looking for.
    You said you had a feeling of hopelessness. More then likely you are in fear that you will fail at something and don’t want to fail at it. Therefore the laughter being shown as basically you feel that there will be a need for judgement if you do.

    I hope that somewhat helped or made sense. Anywho, thats what I got from it.

  7. Adna: It’s not a bad thing to scare yourself now and again.

  8. Audrey: You’re all wrong I’m afraid m’dear.

    (a) The start wasn’t comforting at all or happy.

    (b) “Raining In My Heart” by Buddy Holly always puts a smile on my face.

    (c) Death usually features in my dreams cause I’m a morbid fucker.

    (d) The old woman hadn’t been beaten, more like she’d just had a terrible fall – onto her face.

    (e) I was freezing because it was -4 outside and I sleep with the windows open.

    I’ll give you the last one about fear of failure though 🙂

    Cheers for the comment.

  9. My friend Chris Ward nailed it in one as far as I’m concerned:

    “Well, I’m no psychiatrist (and with that, a thousand monocles fall to the ground in shock and disbelief), but I do have to do a shitload of textual analysis so… this was two nights ago?

    As in, the 50th anniversary of Buddy Holly’s death, and the day you spent listening to Buddy Holly?
    Well, that explains that part.

    And you’ve had a ton of first aid shifts lately, yes?
    No major incidents to speak of, nothing gone horribly wrong?
    And this all happened just outside a theatre/performance venue/…concert hall?

    You, my friend, are afraid that you’re due a first aid fuck-up.
    It’s just your misfortune that it’s chosen to manifest itself in one seriously fucked up dream”.

    – I would say that’s dead on the money Chris.

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