Bookshops & Artist: Rob Gonsalves.

Recently, I’ve found myself in a lot of bookshops.
Just passing the time really.
Glasgow has lots of great places for this.
Hours! I spend hours in these places.
It’s a good way to unwind from the day and that’s what I do.

I like to go in, pick up about 5 books or so then take a seat in between the old folks who spend their days that way too.
Anybody ever notice how many people actually sleep in book shops?
I do and it’s loads!
Heh heh – And why not.

Anyways, The other day I picked up a big glossy book about Optical Illusions and stumbled upon the great work of Canadian Artist Rob Gonsalves.
It’s a real treat!
See for yourselves:





I really like this guys’ work.
Buy his work here.
Also, Here’s his wikipedia page:

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  1. That is cool! It ir so cool, and sometimes weird,what u can find when u pick up random books!

  2. Ain’t it just Tiffany!

  3. 🙂 My favorites are the middle two!

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