My 2009 New Years Resolutions.

These are in no particular order and are really just for my benefit.
I’ll stick them up here as a reminder to myself to get them all done.
I’ll be linking back to this post as I work my way through them and check them off as I go.

* Get a .com address set up.

* Perform more live dates and gigs with my band. (DONE! 27/03/2009 & CONTINUING!)

* Make sure the book I’m working on gets finished.

* Move closer to work. (DONE! 20/06/2009)

* See a burlesque show or 2. (DONE! 04/07/2009)

* Learn Italian. (I started this a few months ago and then ditched it).

* Buy a new guitar.

* Socialise more than I do already. (DONE! & CONTINUING!)

* Take more photos. (DONE! 07/01/2009).

* Get my swimming routine back to normal.

* Grow a fuck-off beard. (Without abbandoning the idea half way through like I usually do).

* Improve my relationships.

* Make a film/Play A Part In A Film. (DONE! 20/02/2009).


* Join an acting class.

* Learn a new instrument. (DONE! Ukulele! 28/09/2009).

* Go on holiday.

* Make more encaustic art.

Easy enough I think.
Heh heh.


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  5. Year’s halfway through and you have 7 out of 18 done. Not too bad!

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