Leaving The Wine Shop.

Did I ever mention on here that apart from Illustrating and The Royal Concert Halls, I also work part time in a wine shop?

Well I do.
But not for long.

Tonight was my second last shift ever and to be honest, I can’t wait to leave.
It’s not like I don’t enjoy it…
Actually, It IS because I don’t enjoy it but it wasn’t always that way.

The Main Street the shop stands on is now rundown to fuck and the wine place is almost the last shop left.
I’d give it 6 months tops before it is forced to close.

See, the town planners did a lot of expensive and needless ‘work’ on the town and fucked it up big time.

So, I suppose I’m leaving at the right time really.

My main reasons for leaving are:
(a) It’s not what I want to do with this part of my life.
(b) It was always only a sideline.
(c) I made myself too busy, I enjoy what I do, and this job interferes with it all.

My last shift is on January the 3rd.
So, A New Year and a new start!

Things I won’t miss:
* The broken radiators.
* The fucked up alcoholic ghosts of people I see.
* The fights every weekend at the bar across the road.
* The people who try and threaten me, then me having to tell them to go fuck themselves.
* Ugly degenerate hookers.
* Terrible wages that don’t justify the hassle.

Things I will miss:
* My boss Anne-Marie McGuigan (She’s the best!)
* The nice people I’ve met there. (Hi Sara).
* The jokes, stories and general patter you get in this line of work.
* The Merry drunks & Loveable rogues.
* The discount on wine.

Where was I?
Oh aye, So tonight was my second last shift and the place was dead.
More action at a morgue.

So I spent the night working on a song I’m writing called ‘Avril’ and I think it’s gonna sound really good when it’s finished.

See that’s what I’ll miss most of all.
It was always relaxed enough for me to get away with that kind of stuff.
Writing songs, reading books, and even drawing whilst getting paid!

Heh heh.
Not that I’m a bad worker or anything, Thats just how it was a lotta the time.

Not long to go now…

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