Working My Way Through The Sopranos Deluxe Box Set.


Well folks,
Remember this?

Well I got it as a Christmas present!
And it’s as good as it looks and a whole lot more!

Like many people, I love this show.
Really love it!

And right now, I’m unshaven, red eyed, and tired.
But what an experience this show is.

Do you think there will ever be a drama made that can match or better The Sopranos?
I really can’t ever see that happening.

For anyone that cares, Can I just say that if you’re seriously fanatical about this show like me then the deluxe box is the one to get.
It’s packed to the nines with everything you could ever want.
The packaging is beautiful and organised, Loads of previously unreleased extras, And it has a lovely glossy book.

If this box was a broad, I’d marry it!
Heh heh

Sometimes I can’t believe that this is a TV show y’know?
It’s so much more than that.
Very well written and thought out and well, I think each episode is like a mini movie.
Film noir even sometimes!

There’s also never any filler (Dialogue, Character, or Scene) with The Sopranos.
It’s perfect.

I got the box for Christmas yesterday and I’m already on Season 3!
That’s how much I love this show.

Right, I’m writing this when I could be watching it here, G’bye!

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