Merry Christmas Everybody!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Did everyone get spoiled?
I hope so!

I did!
I got some very interesting and lovely gifts today but they deserve a post all of their own.

I might not get round to it though because one of those gifts was that Sopranos Deluxe box set I raved about in an earlier post!
I can’t wait to get stuck into that baby!

Anna got me the nicest gifts I could have wished for too!
Oh, yeah, she also made me a lovely card.
I may scan that in so you all can see how great it is.

Speaking of Anna and cards,
I was gonna upload some sort of Christmas Card greeting on here.
I couldn’t think what to put up until I thought of this:


That’s Anna (On the right) when she was a wee girl with her family one Christmas.
Ain’t she a cutey!
That’s Annas lovely Mum Sheila in the pic too!
She ain’t changed a bit.
She also made me one of the best dinners I’d ever tried yesterday!
Man! Can she cook!
Thanks Sheila!

It’s one of my favourite pics.
I showed it to my sister this morning and she said that it almost looked like a Victorian image.
So there you go.

Today, has been great, I just got back from seeing my Gran & Granda which was cool ’cause I really don’t visit them as much as I should.
I must fix that in the New Year.

Dinner is in an hour with my Mum, Dad, Sister & my brilliant Nephew Asa!
He’s a cracker!
Family is what Christmas is for eh?

I never planned on much for tonight but I think I’m gonna watch the Sopranos and then do some illustration work.

After that, I plan on listening to some early Elvis records and drinking my favourite wine from a big lovely ceramic mug which my sister gave to me this morning.

I hope everyone has a great day!

2009 is right around the corner and I can’t fucking wait!

Merry Christmas to you & yours from me & mine!

Al Cook.

Update!: This just in:
I just got off the phone with my best pal Oweny there and it looks like we’re gonna do something tonight afterall. Whoo!
So, that pretty much means it’ll be Guitars and wine tonight!
As the song says: ‘These are 2 of my favourite things’.

Heh heh
Seasons Greetings folks!

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  1. Ah, ye couldn’t get a blog in without a customary use of “fuck,” now, could ye?

    I don’t get my gifts until tomorrow.

  2. Certainly fucking not Jared.
    Heh heh

    Merry Fucking Christmas to you m’friend!

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