The Painting Of A Lhasa Apso: Part 2.

Remember my last post?
Well, I finished the painting:


As usual, I ain’t happy with it.
Personally, I think it looks like a fucking Ewok but there you go.

I could easily take it apart and point out everything which I think is wrong with it.

I think it has a certain charm about it though and I am glad to have finished it.

This painting has frustrated me for weeks now and although I said I’d never do this kind of commision work again, I did actually enjoy doing parts of it.

So you never know, I may paint more animals in the future.

Probably won’t though.
Heh heh.

So, The painting was for my friend (And boss at work) Anne Marie.
It’s a suprise Christmas present for her husband John.
So I gave her the painting today.

She loved it and what’s more, she gave me a lovely card with the following message written inside:

Thank you very much for all your kind care & attention.
John will get many, many gifts this year but this son, will mean the most to him.
Love, Anne Marie & John”.

It’s a thing like this that makes all the frustration worth it to me folks.

PS: Guess what was on the front of the card?

A Lhasa fucking Apso!

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