The Bootleg Beatles.

“If life was fair, Then Elvis would be alive and all the impersonators would be dead”.
– Johnny Carson.

I agree with that.

At work the other night, The Bootleg Beatles were playing.

I don’t like tribute acts and I thought it was a big load of bollocks really.
I didn’t pay almost 30 notes to see it.

Some folk who complained to me did.
Here are some of their complaints to me and my answers:

” They didn’t play ‘such and such a song’ “.
– They were on for 2 and a bit hours. How could they fit a 10+ year catalogue in to please you!?

” They didn’t look like them “.
– That’s cause they ain’t The Beatles.

” They didn’t sound like them “.
– That’s cause they ain’t The Beatles.

” I don’t even like The Beatles “.
– Why are you here then?

” Will there be a Bootleg Heather Mills McCartney tonight? “
– Boot. Leg. I get it! Ha ha. – No.

Then I got this converstation:

” Are you enjoying it? “
– Nah, not my thing, you?
” I saw the real Beatles 5 times so what do you think? “
– No?
” No “.
– Why Are you here then?
” I work here “.
– Oh.

So all in all, I hated it.
It made me cringe.
I like The Beatles a lot and thats why I didn’t like this band.

Saying that, a lotta folk seemed to dig it.
So, there you go.

The Bootleg fellas talk in character too and the jokes were beyond lame.
Who the hell cares though.

A lotta folk said/say to me:
If you close your eyes then it’s almost like you’re hearing the real deal.


Why would i go to a concert just to close my eyes and pretend to be listening to something that isn’t?
Tell me.

I can listen to the ‘Real Deal’ anywhere with my eyes open without dishing out a small fortune to see a bunch of geezers in bad wigs.

Ach, look.
I’m not (I am) knocking folk who get off on this type of thing.
I just personally think it can fuck the fuck off.

PS: Just realised that it was the anniversary of John Lennons’ murder on that night.

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