Can Someone Design Shoes For Me?


– For free?

I’m just gonna come come out and say what needs to be said here.

Mens’ shoes are shit.
Compared to the kaleidoscope of colours, designs and styles available for broads.

And the reason for that?
– Because not enough men have the balls to come forward and admit that they wouldn’t mind having the amount of choices on offer to women.

I’m not trying to be fruity or anything here but, if you’re a fella then you have 3 options:
* Black,
* Brown,
* Grey.

Bollocks to that.
When I go into shoe shops with Anna, I always complain to her about this.
Honestly, ask her!
Heh heh.

I mean, I see shiny ones, Multi-coloured ones, I even saw shoes with cool stars on them.

At school, I used to wear blue suede shoes.
I wish I still had those baby’s.
They were cool as fuck!

So, can someone get onto this and sort out that hole in the market?
Don’t worry, It’ll catch on straight away.
I mean, you’re lucky these days, that some shoe shops even have a guys department.
Mark my words!

(And make me some free shoes).

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