The Mysterious Kaspar Hauser.


Whilst doing some research recently, I stumbled upon the story of this unfortunate boy: Kaspar Hauser.

It’s one of Germanys’ greatest mysteries.
I’d never heard about him before.
Have you?

Here’s a quick account of his tale:

A most unusual young man that turned up in Nuremburg in 26 May 1828. He was about 16 years old and wore the rough clothes of a peasant; people who talked to him thought him to be either drunk or dumb. He carried a letter to the captain of the 4th squadron of the 6th cavalry regiment. A shoemaker took the boy to the captain’s house, where the boy repeatedly said, “Ein Reiter will ich werden, wie mein Vater einer war” (I want to be a rider like my father). The local police station custodian took Kaspar into his house and watched him.

Kaspar was healthy, but his feet were soft like those of a small child. He had an innocent smile, but that was all his face would express, and he did not know how to use his fingers at all. When he tried to walk, he stumbled like a toddler.

For the next five years, he was a source of wonder and, perhaps, fear to the intelligentsia. Who was he? Where had he come from? Why had he been deprived of a normal existence his entire life? Was he descended from Royalty? His murder in 1833 only deepened the riddle. Artists and scholars continue to study Kaspar Hauser to the present day.

I’ll cut it short there folks I think.
Kaspar Hauser was later assasinated under mysterious circumstances and I must say, That this story has had me completely fascinated for days now!

Read all about it!

Here’s some links:

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  1. Dang! That is mysterious! Like the fate of Bolin’s head…

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