Seeing Natalie Again.

On the train tonight, by chance, I bumped into an old (She’s not old) friend of mine whom I ain’t seen in around 8 years!

Natalie Clark folks!

(She’s not The Natalie from my song ‘Natalie’ by the way).

Anyways, I couldn’t believe it.
Great to see her again!

Y’know how it is, Sometimes you just lose touch with cool people.

Natalie was and is one cool broad people!
I remember, I used to think about her as being secretly determined to achieve everything she ever was interested in.
You know what I mean?
Like, a distant ‘lost in thought’ kind of air about her.
Either that or she was just stoned or something.
But no.
Quietly planning I always thought. Heh heh

So, 8 years on, and I was right!
She’s an actress now and I’m so pleased she’s doing well.
For me, There was never really a time when i thought she wouldn’t do well to be honest.
It was always on the cards.

She told me that she’s getting work here and there and quite rightly so folks!

Here she is in the teaser trailer to the film ‘Minds Of Glass’.
Looks good to me!
Actually, It looks fucking great!

It’s funny, Natalie is 29 now.
It’s hard to take that in.
She’s supposed to be 16 and I’m supposed to be 14.
What the fuck is going on?

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