“Fuck. Are You Alright?”

On the way home tonight from work:

So I’m on the lower level of central station fiddling with my ipod when this happens:
An ALMIGHTY: Crash……….”Bang”….”FUCK”……..”OUCH!”…Bang!….”FUCK”………”MOTHERFU……..FUCK”!!!!!!

Then, silence.

I thought:

‘What in the fuck was that?’

Turned around and saw that a guy had fallen all the way down a particularly long escalator and was lying crumpled in a heap at the bottom.

I only had to get about 3 feet away from him to notice that he was seriously drunk out of his tiny mind.
– Whiskey if I’m not mistaken! πŸ™‚

He looked to be about 50ish.

So, I go:

‘Fuck. Are you alright?’

Him: “URgghhhhhhhh…….

Me: ‘I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then.
Here, Let me help you up. Can you stand?’

(He made it to his feet then fell down again, this time landing almost on his face).

So, I managed to get him to a corner and he slid down the wall and sat there staring at me.

Me: ‘For fuck sakes my friend, you’ve had a good night eh?’

Him: ‘Fuck you!’

Me: ‘Fuck me? – FUCK YOU!
I’m not the one who’s lying there like an idiot!
YOU! are fucked pal!
I’m off to get some help, stay there!’

So I got the rail guys and they dealt with him from there.
(They gave me that: ‘Seen it all, done it all, bought the T-Shirt’ look).

So, I guess that I’ve now technically used my first aid training folks!

What an introduction!

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  1. Good job, Al! I’m proud of you! (Especially the “Fuck me? Fuck YOU!” part…)

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