Addicted To Max Koch’s Mimosa!

I really am!
Remember this post?:

Well, I’ve been over at quite a lot recently listening to Max Koch’s Mimosa show.

See, I don’t like this show,
I fucking LOVE IT!

Mimosa is Maxs’ internet radio show and it’s been running since 2006.
I can’t believe I’ve only just discovered it.
Luckily all the shows are archived and I’m slowly working my way through them all.

It’s a complete joy to listen to these shows.
I tried listening to them through the day on my ipod but something wasn’t right.
The atmosphere was all wrong.
It’s much better to listen to it in the late evening with some candles and a bottle of plonk.
A good excuse to get nice and merry! Heh heh.

The idea seems to be: Max and his co-host’s drink Mimosa’s and record whatever happens from there!
Makes for crazy, chaotic, hilarious listening.
Sometimes it’s organised.
Sometimes it ain’t.
But it’s always interesting and completely hilarious folks!

Also, his guests are always unexpected, original and interesting.
Mimosa regular Lisa Arch always adds something to the show.
Coherentness (Is that a word?) maybe! 🙂

I’m only up to show 12 but like I say, I’m hooked!


In short:

It’s a cool fucking show so have a listen!

Here’s a couple of photos of the Mimosa crew:



(As  Lieutenant Columbo would say, “Just one more thing…”)
– The theme tune to the show is ‘Midnight Rider’ by The Allman Brothers.
That’s just a great choice!

It works so well.
I really love that tune.

So, head on over to, Open some wine (Or Whatever), dim the lights and enjoy Max Koch’s Mimosa!

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  1. thankyou

  2. No problem, but….for what?

  3. Al, can’t people just randomly thank you for awesomeness?

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