All Alone In Glasgow.

A friend of mine recently got me thinking about some photos I once took.

I used to work nights in the centre of Glasgow a few years ago.
My shift used to end around 5/6 O’clock in the morning which pretty much meant that I was stranded for about an hour or 2 until my bus turned up.

So, I used to wander around and take photos of the desrted town.

I used to love it.
It’s great to be the only person walking around a usually busy place in the morning.

It was like something out of 28 Days Later!
I’d reccomend it!

Actually, I wasn’t always the only person.
I occasionally ran into the odd crazy hooker and some deranged, drugged up weirdos, but you expect that don’t you?

So anyways, Here are a few of the shots.






Thanks to Avril for reminding me of these!

More here:

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  1. Nice one. I’ve stumbled around there at that hour many a time myself. I used to work in Strathclyde Union student bar and get out of work at 5-6am when the streets were deserted, Glasgow is alot better when there’s no Glaswegians about.

  2. Thanks Bob!

    You’re right.

  3. It was a lovely day today. Walked with a friend along these very streets today in the November sun, after a go around the cathedral and necropolis.

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