Robert Carlyle & The Scottish Baftas.

Last night, I was working at The Scottish Bafta Award ceremony.
It was pretty neat to see so many talented people at once.
I was especially pleased to meet one of my favourite actors last night, Robert Carlyle:


I first saw the guy in an episode of ‘Cracker’ in which he scared the utter fuck outta me as a nazi, racist killer bent on twisted revenge.
He’s worryingly good at playing maniacs and psychopaths.

This guy radiates coolness folks!
The Fonz has nothing on this guy.

He has a new film called ‘Summer’ and I can’t wait to see it!

So, I managed to tell him that the film ‘Ravenous’ is one of my favourite films and that I thought he put in a fucking stunning performance.
He said it was possibly his favourite movie of all the ones he has acted in then shook my hand.
How about that!
Anyone ever seen ‘Ravenous’?


Brilliantly dark movie!
A firm favourite of mine!
Do yourself a favour and see this movie.

(Also: The ‘Ravenous’ soundtrack is extra special.
Lotta folks actually hate it!
Can’t fathom that one.
It’s so original and darkly funny).

So, aye, it was nice to meet him.
There was a lotta nice folks there last night but i was also really pleased to bump into Robbie Coltrane.
He’s a bit of a hero of mine to be honest.
He came across as a total gentleman.
Also, he had the coolest fucking shoes i’ve ever seen.

I went out for a smoke and couldn’t help staring at Mr. Coltranes’ shoes.
They were like spatz.
Y’know, the old black and white New York gangster shoes?

So the night was great.

Did anything go wrong?
Well, at the end of the night whilst i was leaving, I accidently stood on a ladys’ ball gown and left a footprint on it.
“Fuck!! – I thought.
I looked up to see that the gown belonged to TV presenter Carol Smilie!
So I did the responsible thing.
i didn’t tell her, said “Hi, you look lovely” and then I got the fuck out of there.

So, sorry Carol!

One more thing:
Last night i also met BBC newsreader Jackie Bird.
She was nothing short of fucking stunning!
A really beautiful broad i must say.

I’ve never really seen or thought of her in that light before but, honestly, she was seriously Bee-Yoot-Eee-Ful!!!!!!

I’ll shut up now.

(PS: I seem to be swearing a lot these days on here. Must start a swear jar – I could get rich quick.)

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  1. You are one lucky dog!!! Robert Carlyle is one of my favorite actors too… Ravenous is also my favorite film of all time. I’m jealous! Steph from the U.S.

  2. Wow! Thanks Steph from the U.S!
    It was a downright pleasure to meet that guy.

    If you ain’t seen it, I would recommend a drama he made years ago called ‘Looking After JoJo’.
    Unfortunately, it ain’t on DVD and videos are hard to come by.

    Luckily though, some nice soul has put it on youtube.
    Here’s the link:

    Also, you should get the film ‘Face’.
    A blindingly great movie!

    Cheers Steph!

  3. Awrite Alan,

    How did you end up working at the BAFTAs. Thats quality! Robert Carlyle is going be at the GFT after a screening of his new film Summer. I think im going to be working tho, would’ve been cool to talk to him.


  4. Hi vicebradley (Or Graemey since I know you in real life! Heheh),
    I ended up working at the Baftas because that’s where I work.
    The City Halls.

    Nice work if you can get it;)

    I practically live at the GFT and i really can’t wait to see his new film ‘Summer’ so who knows, maybe get to run into him again.
    But then he’d think I was a stalker.

    – And he’d be right.

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