I Just Noticed…

…That my blog is getting a fair number of views according to the statistics.

Course, it could be a wordpress marketing ploy to con me into thinking that my blog actually matters a fuck!


I had no idea.

Each post seems to be getting around 100 plus views.


Wanna know what my “most viewed” post is?
Well i’ll tell you.

The winner by a Fucking mile is my post about the wonderful Max Koch!
Here’s a link incase you can’t be fucked with searching my archives:


So, thanks to everybody who takes the time to read my ramblings and well done Max!

It’s funny, I just e-mailed the great Max Koch today…………Ach………….fuck it!

What do you care!

Max Kochs’ Mimosa blog coming soon!

Oh, it’s coming folks!

See, I don’t like Maxs’ stuff.


Visit: www.bowlerhatproductions.com


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