God Help You All.

Except, She/He/It/Them can’t.

I can!

Because Gals and Guys, That’s me qualified as a First Aider now.

It’s true.

I wasn’t conviced but there you go.

Matter of fact, everyone in the class passed.

We all got presented with wee certificates saying how great and qualified we all are.

Well, okay, it doesn’t say how great we all are but fuck it! – Everyone did really well!

So, if any of the girls read this, Well done to:





& Carla!

We got there in the end eh?

I’m gonna miss those classes with those gals.

I am!


A big thanks (Not that he’ll ever see this but..) to the guy who taught us – Eddie Cowan!

What a decent bloke and great teacher he is.

So folks, feel free to die, choke, get shot/stabbed, take a heart attack etc… we’ll sort you out and bring y’all back!

(This is in danger of sounding like an Oscar acceptance speech eh? Hehehe…….I’d better shut the fuck up now).


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  1. (If I keep laughing my arse off, I’ll soon have nothing left.)

  2. when my head falls of from to much rockin out….. you’re the man i’ll call. wait a minute…. i’ve no head…. how do i make a phone call??? 🙂

  3. Hugh Jass?
    Christ. hehehhe

    Keep ’em coming!
    Keep ’em coming.

  4. hey al

    well done to you too.

    last time when you were a bit late bill was going through the wrong answers on the papers that we did as the test.

    he kept saying how smeone had put a really stupid answer – and pretty much every time that person had been me!

    i’d even put that someone was suffering from raebes, when the correct answer was angina – seems pretty silly to me now! what hope do i have?

    yikes – am scared!

    i really enjoyed working with you guys too, and hope we will get shifts together.

    im working thurs, fri and sat this week.

    please do keep in touch.

    and let me know about any drawings you are doing and how the book is going.

    hope you enjoyed your day off.


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