The People’s Tenor – John Innes.

So, the concert i worked last night (See previous post) was by Self proclaimed “Peoples’ Tenor” John Innes.
Here’s a wee bit about him from a local paper:


So, the concert for me didn’t work and i’ll tell you why:
The guy obviously has a fairly decent voice for opera but the set last night was totally weird in my opinion.

He had some operatic standards and his renditions of ‘Ave Maria’  and ‘Time To Say Goodbye’ were very nice.
Where it got weird for me was when halfway through the concert, he brought his friend on to sing who was a Frank Sinatra tribute act.

I have a huge problem with these ‘Tribute’ acts folks.
I’ll save that for a seperate post though.

So, the Sinatra songs seemed so out of place and disjointed the flow of the concert for me.
After that, Mr.Innes did an arrangement of some Robert Burns’ lyrics which was okay but yet again seemed out of place.
Things then got really weird as he covered that song which seems to appear all the time on shows like American Idol and the like – ‘You Raise Me Up’.
I fucking HATE that song but the strange thing was the addition of a girl dressed like a banshee all in white on the stage doing some crazy ballet dance.
I hate to even call it ballet cause it wasn’t but I really don’t know what else to call it.

I think the worst part of the night was when John dedicated a song to his: “Lovely wee Mammy who is in the audience tonight” and the whole crowd of mostly 60 something old ladies in unison went: “AWwwwwwwwww”.


So all in all,
Decent voice.
Weird setlist.
Over lush.

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  1. I attended this concert after stumbling across John Innes on the steps of the concert hall during one of his lunch time concerts on my way to the supermarket for a loaf! I understand the comment about the dancer section considering it wasn’t a theatre/opera type audience he was playing to and yes it was a bit of a surprise to see John’s brother Moray’s Sinatra tribute in the mix, but all in all it was great to see an entertainer truly appreciating the chance to perform at a venue which most artists take for granted – all credit to John Innes for his tenacity and hard work in getting up every time life has knocked him down and making something of himself as well as taking time to give to others. Perhaps his ‘lovely wee mammy’ has had to watch him constantly being rejected and was able to attend the concert hall gig and be proud of what her sone has achieved against the odds. Decent bloke and nice voice.

  2. Thanks for commenting Lynnester.

    But, whats rejection got to do with singing really?
    Really, what’s that got to do with singing?

    And who takes the venue for granted?
    Everyone I’ve ever seen there (Around 50 concerts) has spoken about how wonderful a venue it is and what a privilage it is to be a part of it – Dig?

    I don’t know anyone who ain’t had some major rejection and/or hard times in their lives at some point and they don’t go on about it to the extent it was mentioned at John Innes’ gig by his pals.

    Too many singers these days natter on about having struggled to get where they are today.
    – Who hasn’t?

    “Decent bloke and nice voice”?
    – Yes!

    But like I said:
    Decent voice.
    Weird setlist.
    Over lush.

    Also, the bit about his ‘Mammy’ was very Daniel O’Donnell ie: Transparent and cringeworthy (unless you’re a sweet old lady clad in tartan).
    Each to their own though eh Lynne?


  3. john innes… if im not mistaken, was belting out a few numbers at parkhead before the man united game….. total pish!!!! (not celtic)

  4. ‘Phil McCrackin’ – Fuck sakes!:)

  5. Well said lynnester!You cant please everybody.Overall i enjoyed the
    concert very much.A little bird told me it could be The Royal Albert Hall next .And he will fill it no problem Mr Cook.

  6. Miss Melrose, I sincerely hope it is The Albert Hall next, I really do.

    But let me clarify what I meant in this old post.
    * I like Mr. Innes.
    * I liked his Operatic choices.
    * I hated his pop mainly because the songs pale in comparison to his otherwise excellent choices.
    * The Burns stuff was also good – Seperately.

    And anyone who gets up infront of that many people deserves praise.
    All I’m saying basically is that it didn’t work for me.

    I think that he could have easily held that stage and audience without all the other clutter like Sinatra pretending to knock back a fake drink and a distractingly bad dancer.

    Thanks for the comment and I’m pleased that you liked the concert.

    Al Cook.

  7. Hi Alan

    I work in the music business and believe me some of the artists I represent do take a venue like GRCH for granted.

    You must be so pleased that John Innes is returning to the Concert Hall, however I expect not so pleased at his brother Moray joining him with his band – hope you pulled a shift on 2 October!

    Lynnester :o)

  8. Hi Lynnester,

    Don’t feel that you can’t use my blog to name and shame these artists.

    Heh heh.

    I heard John Innes was coming back on October and I bet it’s the exact same show with the exact same songs as last time.

    I just know it.


  9. The Guy That John Brought on To Do The Sinatra Songs is His Brother At The Time He Was Serving in The Scottish Regiment Where
    John Also Served .

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