Helen Shaddock.

That previous first aid post leads me nicely into this one.

Helen Shaddock.

Whos that?
I’ll tell you.

She’s a girl who started working at Glasgow Royal Concert Halls at the same time as me.
Shes also been my partner on a few of my first aid classes.
I knew she was an artist so I decided to google her name.

Not because i’m a crazy internet stalker (Although I am, hehhe) but because ‘Shaddock’ seemed like a pretty unusual name.

So i found her site staright away:


What can i say?
Staright away i saw this:

It’s called ‘Abacus’ and personally, I fucking love it!

I’m not too good at describing why I like modern art.
I’m just not.

I ain’t no art critic but i think art should be about:
Character, engaging, and interesting to look at.
It’s definately not essential that art has a ‘message’ although that’s not a bad thing at all.

In short, pretty much the opposite of almost every Turner Prize winner.

Anyways, back to Helen.
So, I took a wee wander around her site and it made me feel as if I’d never created anything worth a flying fuck ever.

Like I say, I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is I like so much.
I guess it’s just because it’s all so pleasing to look at and colourful and……..inviting.
‘Inviting’ – That’s what it is.

Aye, so do yourself a favour and check her work out.
I think she may read this, so feel free to post your opinions folks.

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