First Aid.

For a a while now, I’ve been training as a first aider.
I’ve always wanted to do this and never really got around to it.

So I signed up and away I went.
It’s been a bit of an eye-opener!
A lot to remember.

I’m not really a panicky person but, there has been quite a lot of information to take in over a short period of time.

There’s 6 of us in the class and everyone seems pretty darn cool!
We have an exam coming up in the next 2 weeks and franky, I just don’t know about this one folks.
I know that i’m okay at bandaging, but it’s everything else I’m struggling to remember.
Things like, all the different types of strokes and seizures there are etc…

The guy who is training us is doing a great job.
His name’s Eddie and he’s Ex-Army.
So, as you can imagine, He’s well organised and precise with explaining things.

So if I fail this exam, then it’s soley down to me.
Then again, if I pass it, I would have another string to the old bow and the qualification would be valid for 3 years.

I think my main problem is not in understanding everything, but having 3 seconds to remember everything in a real life casualty situation.

Also, I have this habbit of slapping the CPR dummy on the face which is definately bad.
It’s movies!
That’s what they do in the movies! – They slap unconcious folk in the face!
I’ll need to try and stop that.


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  1. Al walks down the street and sees someone fall over. He immediately begins slapping them in the face, yelling, “Are you all right?”

    “I WAS!” yells the person…

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