Howling At The Moon.

There’s nothing else for it.
I’m gonna have to quit drinking wine.

Today folks, my blog comes from my bed.
That’s right.
It’s 3.42pm here and I’ve been in bed since 10 O’Clock this morning.
I was at a house party last night and 1 bottle of red wine turned into 2 bottles which then led to Whiskey.

I rolled in at around 9 O’Clock this morning.
A new personal record.

I feel completely terrible.
This lovely red wine was the cause:

But anyways, I get what I deserve.
But I’ve wasted a whole day doing nothing except regretting and feeling poisoned which, is a pretty accurate word to describe what I’ve done to myself.

Don’t do it kids!
It ain’t worth it.

My good friend Oweny turned up at the party and he doesn’t drink.
He left at a sensible hour and I betcha he feels great today.
I’m gonna have to take a leaf from his book I think.
Getting home at 9am ain’t no good folks!

So yeah, so I don’t really wanna see alcohol for a very fucking long time now.

Maybe it’s my age, but I’m really bad at drinking these days.
I can’t do it.
I usually like the odd glass of red wine at home or maybe a cheeky whiskey if I’m out at a bar, but as far as a house party?
– Forget it.

I feel like death and it’s my own fucking fault.

– Oh yeah, did I mention that I have to be in work in like, an hour?


Anna’s coming over tomorrow and I’m really looking forward to seeing her.
So tonight, after work, I will be having lots of water and having an early night.
I’ll really need to get into some sort of routine.

I honestly can’t remember the last time I went to bed before 3 am and got up before 8 am.

I’m gonna make some major fucking liferstyle changes!
Major fucking ones!


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  1. See, wine is okay in moderation, Mr. Kook… er… Cook…

    Ah, well, I was an idiot yesterday (and today) when it came to gastric matters myself…

  2. I think this may have happened to me, maybe once or twice…..or twenty times. Damn, that tasty Shiraz!

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