The Wichita Lineman Is Still On The Line.

Tonight, I got paid to watch a Glen Campbell concert at my new job with The Royal Concert Hall.

What can I say?
I fucking loved it.

I listen to Glen all the time and so it was nice to see him play.

And play he does!

I always figured he played acoustic guitar on the records I have, but nope.
Not the case at all folks!

He’s a total whizz on the Electric guitar.

His playing is excellent.

The thing that especially impressed me was: He doesn’t ‘widdle’ or ‘noodle’ his guitar solos for the sake of it or to show off.
His playing has a lotta feeling and I was suprised to be honest.
I just didn’t see it coming!

His voice.
He sounds exactly like he always has done.
Great voice!
Great voice!

Strange as it may seem, and as great as his band was tonight, There was a few bum notes here and there.
Those notes just made the gig better for me.
I like honest heartfelt music and playing and that’s what I saw tonight.

I’m of the opinion that there’s nothing wrong with being slightly out of tune or slightly fucking up here and there.
Gives the music character and there’s nothing wrong with that.

I had a great night tonight at work!
I’m not a fan of Glens’ latest album ‘Meet Glen Campbell’ where he covers some current bands, but so fuck?
I’m not a fan of the bands he covers.
So fuck!

He was excellent tonight!

And i fucking well dig it!

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