Max Koch – Special!

This is Max Koch:

“Al, Who the fuck is Max Koch and how the hell is “Koch” pronounced?”

– Max Koch, (‘Koch’ is pronounced ‘Cook’) is one talented guy thats who he is.
So far as I can see already, Max is a:
Comedian, Artist, Writer, Filmaker, Actor, Impressionist, Cartoonist, Channeler, Radio Show Host……The list goes on.

“Yeah, okay Al, But WHO THE FUCK IS HE and what does he do?”

– As my favourite thing on the internet right now, Max gets a special mention today folks. Check him out.
Like I said in an earlier post, I think I found him on youtube through his now legendary Tony Soprano impersonation (Or Channeling to give it it’s proper name), and although Maxs’ Tony is right on the money everytime, He’s a lot more than impersonations (Channelings) let me tell you!

Over the last few weeks, I managed to watch all his videos then started to explore his siite:
Easily and instantly, this site became my favourite site in the WORLD!

“What else?”

– See, apart from great videos, Max also Runs & Hosts a hilarious Radio Show Called ‘Max Koch’s Mimosa’.
What can I say about this radio show?
So far I’ve only heard 2 shows but they had me in stitches.
The guys enthusiasm beams from the speakers.
Man, they are a breath of fresh crisp air.
Hilarious, 100% Original and downright Keeee-RAZEEEEEE!!
Heh heh, Seriously folks, Do yourself a favour and check this feller out.

“That it?”

– No.
He has many fingers in many pies and I ain’t even mentioned the half of it.
His artwork too!
I really really like his artwork!
He seems to draw quick and deliberate and his cartoons are spectacular!
Look at his artwork!

Now, Personally, I fucking hate lond long blogs so I’ll shut up now.
So, here’s my 2 current favourite videos of the magnificent Max Koch:

‘Max Koch’s Mimosa Radio Show Promo’:

‘Tony Soprano Meets The Joker’:

(By the way, I’ve noticed that Max’s youtube vids get a lot of people telling him who he should impersonate next.
For the record, I think these people are missing the point and make the mistake of mistaking Max For a celebrity impressionist which he definately ain’t.)

Do what you fucking well like Max my man!!

Links to Max:
Radio Show:
Youtube Channel:

I showed some Max vids to my girlfriend Anna yesterday.
Guess what?


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  1. Okay, comedy gold, this guy obviously knows it. 🙂

  2. Alan, I have tears in my eyes. Really. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

    Two things leaped out at me:

    1. The fact that you recognize that I am NOT a celebrity impersonator. I can’t EVEN begin to tell you, aside from the comments, how many hateful fucking annoying suggestions I’ve gotten to do impersonations. Really? Are people THAT hard up for Max Koch as… ready? Roseanne (!!!), Muhammad Ali, Jerry Springer, Andrew “Dice” Clay, House, any character from “The Wire” (which I’ve never seen) or Christopher Walken? I mean, I love Walken but it’s been so done to death, a channeling of Chris would only mean death itself. At least I just ignore it now. I’m on the other side of letting it all get to me, thank All That Is.

    I just really can’t tell ya how much it means to me that you see that.

    And 2.? That your girl loved my stuff, too. Now THAT was a golden moment for me.

    Thank you so much, Alan Cook (pronounced “Awesome”). – Max

  3. Max Koch is pure comic genius. I was refered to him by Brock Baker and have been laughing my ass off ever since. The new video about the Ikea furnature is so damn funny!

  4. Alan, allow me to modify my words (I could stand to edit myself sometimes). I’m actually VERY honored when people make requests of me, if they think I can pull it off. It’s just more annoying for ME when I feel I can’t live up to everyone’s expectations. I mean, it’s STILL annoying… but I don’t wish it to come off as a slam against certain fans who make requests I can’t fathom. – Max

  5. To Dick Ackman:
    – Yeah, Max kills me! Kills me!
    I liked the Ikea vid, because…it’s so.normal.
    I’ve been there!
    Thanks a lot for commenting Mr. Ackman!
    Please feel free to drop by anytime!

    To Max:
    – I know exactly where you’re coming from so modify anytime Sir!
    PS: You have fucking excellent taste in music!
    Here I am tonight: Tuesday night/morning, glass of Shiraz listening to Mimosa!
    I’m a happy camper!:)

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