Max Koch Blog Coming Soon!

The term “Genius” is overused these days.
It is.

I never use it ever.

Until now.

Max Koch (Koch is pronounced ‘Cook’ like my name) is my new ‘Find’.

I want to mention him in my blog but I realised that a talent like this guy deserves an extra special blog mention.

So, as it’s 1am here right now, I’m gonna save it until I plan out what I’m gonna say properly so that, You will hopefully see what I see in him and visit all his sites and buy his stuff. Heh heh

Max is a film maker, Radio show host, Impressionist, Actor, Comedian, Cartoonist,…….The whole fucking deal!
The real fucking deal.
Actually, It’s very simple:
He’s great and it’s obvious.

The guy is hilarious!
Apart from that, He comes across as completely enthusiastic in everything I’ve seen or heard so far.
It’s a rare thing these days folks believe me.

Okay, So, expect a huge Max Koch blog soon and in the meantime, Browse his youtube Channel:

His production company is called ‘Bowler Hat Productions’.
Even the name is cool.

So, Max, I tip my bowler hat to you, you talented motherfucker you!

PS: If you’re a fan of The Sopranos then you’re in for a special treat.
Oh yes Sopranos fans, You’re in for a Royal treat.


If I come across as a geeky obsessive stalker in this post it’s because I am.
Heh heh.

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  1. Alan, I’m speechless! I mean, here YOU are, you with all your great… talents, and… charms… and wit, and… UK-ness… and your spending your time drafting a Max blog BEFORE the actual Max blog?? I’m truly at a loss for verbiage here. And I cannot fucking WAIT to read what you write, if I’m being completely honest. It’s going to be so much better than the usual “lol
    u funny hahaha” or whatever. Don’t forget to let me know. – Max

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