2019 And Counting.

Thats at present, how many songs I have on my ipod.
I’d guess that’s probably around 160ish albums.
I prefer albums rather than single songs.
Albums give you the whole story so to speak.
I really hate ‘Greatest Hits’ albums and very rarely go for things like that.
I think it’s crazy that a band like The Beatles even have a “Greatest Hits”.
I mean, The Beatles’ “Greatest Hits” is never gonna have gems like ‘Happiness Is A Warm Gun’ or ‘Here, There And Everywhere’ on it, is it?

So anyways, I wondered how much of my 160GB memory I have used up so far?
Know what it said?

It said “136GB of 160GB Free”.
Which means that I haven’t even scratched the surface of how many albums and songs I can upload to this wee black box!

It’s my new best pal.

The possibility of storing 40,000 songs on a hand held sized box is amazing to me.
That pretty much means that I can carry my entire music collection around with me in my pocket with some memory to spare!


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