“Righteous Kill.”

Y’know, like a lotta folks, I was really excited when i heard about Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino in the same picture together but this didn’t deliver.

Poor Anna. She came along with me knowing that she’d hate it. Heheh

Well anyways, I didn’t hate it but…I was suprised by how ametuer a film it seemed to be.

Bob and Al were great as per usual and really gave it their all, but:

(a) The script was dire 97% of the time.
(b) They were too old to be convincing as working cops.
(c) The ‘twist’ at the end was really obvious 5 minutes into the film.
(d) Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson can’t act (Or rap) to save his fucking life.
(e) The director can’t direct.
(f) The movie looked cheap and grainy and studenty.
(g) It seemed like the director half way through the flick thought: “Shit. This is going nowhere. How do I rap it up quickly and neatly?”

What a damn shame.
You win some, you lose some i suppose.

I hope they work together again and hit the heights before it’s too late.

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