Black Is Black.

A coversation I had with my Dad the other night:

Dad: ‘You know how you’ve been talking about getting an ipod recently?’
Me: ‘Yup?’

‘Did you know they came in different colours?’
– ‘Surely did’.

‘What colour would you want?’
– ‘Probably Silver’.

‘Why Silver? Silver is just a coating, It would scrape off over time’.
– ‘SIlver’s just cool i suppose ain’t it?’

‘It may be, but silver is only ever gonna be silver. Black is black. Know what i mean?’
– ‘Aye black is cool, but all the same, I think i’m gonna buy me a silver one anyways’.

‘Alan, Black Is Black!’

‘Look. I’ve already ordered you a black one as a surprise Birthday present okay?’
– ‘Thanks, but my Birthday isn’t till November y’know?’

‘Nevermind that.
Anyway, If your Mother asks you at anytime this week what your favourite colour is, you say black and act suprised when you unwrap it okay?’

My Dad, what a character eh?

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  1. Heh, what a way to find out what you’re getting early, huh?

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