Nonestica – A Sneak Preview.

Well folks,

It looks like myself & Matt Bloom are gonna miss our own self imposed Christmas deadlines this year.

Not definately, but perhaps.

We have both decided that this book has to be perfect.

We both feel that this could be the most interesting & faithfully put together Oz related book to be done since L. Frank Baum died.

A tall statement to make indeed eh?

We live a good 3000 plus miles away from each other so these things can take time.
It will be worth it.

Anyway, I did say i’d upload some things which should make the final copy of the book and so, here is some final artwork albeit in an unfinished/unpolished state right now:

Al Cook.

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  1. Totally brilliant drawings Al. I love them all 🙂

  2. Gorgeous stuff, Al! Love your moods and line work. Clearly, you’re a fellow with a grim side. Those are my favorite kinds of folk. I most definitely look forward to seeing much more…

  3. Thanks Jeanie & Max.

    Max, you are quite right.
    I am indeed a morbid morbid bastard.

    I took a leaf out of De Niros book.
    I’m a method artist. Heheh.

    Anyways thanks again.

    (Max Koch blog special coming soon folks!)

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