Bob And Al.

Robert De Niro and Al Pacino that is.

I found a recent interview with them both.
And since it’s now 6.25am (See previous post), I may as well start my day.

It’s such a rare thing to see them in a movie together nevermind on the same sofa.

I didn’t know how to embed the video into my blog so, a copy and paste link it is.

Oh aye, I should mention that the interviewer is a boring unimaginitive idiot who misses many an opportunity.
However, the interview is a good half an hour long and hey, It’s Bob De Niro and Al ‘Fucking’ Pacino!!!

As per usual, there is an alternative version on youtube but the sound quality is shit.
It’s worth seeing if you dig De Niro and Pacino, but do yourself a favour and follow the link.
The youtube one ain’t worth it.

Despite the early reviews, I can’t wait to see Righteous Kill.

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  1. Good shit my man, i did see the trailer or something on t.v, got a hard on of the idea of them 2,,better than porn, i’ll watch the interview when i get back from work.

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