Beetlejuice Gets The Special Treatment.

Or does it?

Love this film, but the reviews of the new 20th Anniversary DVD all seem to say that it’s been done on the cheap side and that the ‘special’ features ain’t all that special.

Ach, who cares really?

These companies are out for more of Your cash.

It would be nice to see how all the stop motion animation and sets were put together but as for deleted scenes etc…, they were deleted for a reason.

Anyways, i should maybe have posted this on the IMDB boards but who cares about that either?

It’s a great film but who cares.

Who cares.

This post is pointless.

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  1. I’m with you, Al. I was frankly appalled by the treatment this film received. Burton’s a man who’s never afraid of commentary. And would it have killed the great Michael Keaton to come out of hiding and throw some insights our way? There are so many dark, fanciful elements to this film that remain utterly ignored and overlooked, Special Edition DVD-wise.

  2. A comment from Max Koch, what a fucking honour!

    Anyways yeah, this post sounds ultra geeky but you’re quite right Max.
    More thought coulda been put into this ‘Special’ DVD.

    There is a few obscure refrences to Vincent Prices’ films in Beetlejuice.
    I have an eagle eye. Heheh

    Thanks for the comment Max!

  3. Michael Keaton!
    How I love that man!

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