I’ve been meaning to do a post about Babygod for a while now.

Babygod are my favourite band.
Full Stop.

They have been my favourite band continuously now for years & years.
I think i heard them when i was 14.
I had a pal called John Paul and his brothers had this band…..yadda yadda yadda…
John Paul moved and we lost touch and grew up etc…
Thats just the way things go but thats when & how i heard of them.

I originally planned on a big ‘Here’s why they’re great’ list etc…
It’s hard to specify exactly what their music does for me.
It’s consistently satisfying for me.
I feel full after hearing them.
I feel completely uplifted and inspired.
Sometimes, i feel like Brian Wilson said he felt like when he heard Sgt. Pepper & Revolver by The Beatles.

They are forever changing and each time i hear something current from them, it’s generally fuck all like what came before.
You can’t pin them down.
They have so far been compared mostly to Prefab Sprout & The Associates and i think, Talking Heads.
Thats fine but i don’t get any of that from them.
Sometimes i get a whiff of David Bowie but only in the way the music is crafted and delivered.

Frontman Gerry Campbell lists Neil Young, Serge Gainsbourg & Joe Strummer among others as influences. You can definately get all that from his lyrics but he & his band sound fuck all like any of those people.
They don’t sound like no one actually.

I can only hope to write something one day that does to someone what Babygods’ songs do for me.
Maybe one day.

(This may turn out to be a long entry in my blog folks.)

You know how, when people get to a certain age, their music can lack something.
Like Bob Dylan dips and dives for me but he’s not afraid to completely change directions.
I like that.
It’s a good way to be.
Babygod are constantly inventive. They always go forward. They are very much in front of themselves.
I think they know this. Heheh

I have a fucking huge record collection these days and to be honest it’s getting out of control. I keep them all on bulging creaky wooden shelfs in an old wardrobe.
The Babygod records are kept beside my stereo.

I tend to collect a lot of bootleg records and demos etc… Once i get hooked on a band, i have to get my paws on everything they have made.
I’m geeky and obsessive about things like that.
I don’t have nearly enough Babygod material but what i do have, well, put it this way, if the house goes on fire, those records are coming with me. Hehe

Anyways, i could waffle on forever here and not get anywhere so here’s a few things:

Babygod has a myspace:

Gerry Campbel has a myspace too:

Ruth Mills also has one:

Watch their videos here:

Speaking of Babygod videos,
When they make a video,
They make a video.
Here’s 2 of my favourites:

Oh aye, I’m going to see them hopefully this Friday.
It’s been a long time and i’m super excited!

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  1. Seen them on Friday. Most enjoyable effervescent ear therapy I’ve had in a long while. Try Fluvoxamine for your obsessive thoughts. Kicks them to touch. If all else fails, see a shrink. Shrinks love journalists. I’m looking to get into PR. If you and your Babygod people need extra help drop me a line.

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