“D’ya Wanna Be In My Gang?” No.

Gary Glitter.
Don’t know who he is?

Gary Glitter (Real name: Paul Francis Gadd) was a 70’s Glam ‘singer’ and pop star.

He had a few big hits in the 70’s and 80’s but fell from grace when he was convicted of Sexual crimes against kids in 2005.

He’d been under watch from around 1999 ’cause authorities found child pornography on his computer.
Actually, fuck it.
Just look him up if you don’t know who he is.

He’s a fucking disgrace.
For me,
He made Glam into a stupid parody clown act with crap, silly wee songs.
Ah, But nevermid all that.

See recently,
When he refused to get on the plane back to Britain,
Why didn’t they just grab him and fucking force him onto the plane?
What fucking rights does he deserve to have?

And another thing.
How come nobody spotted this when he was at the airport?:

I have ZERO fucking sympathy for people like this.

A lot of folk are saying things like “every country should refuse him entry”.
Thats a bit silly actually.
I’m glad he’s back in Britain.
If there’s one place he doesn’t want to be It’s Britain.

Fuck him.


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  1. Same for me I have 0 symphaty for them.

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