Look! I’m Your Father!

For a long time now (A long time!),
I’ve been told that I look like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars.
Not Mark Hamill who plays the character.
Luke Skywalker specifically.

Don’t they look the same though?
-Apparently not.

So here’s a picture of Skywalker:

Here’s a picture of me:

And here’s a picture that a mate of mine with too much time on his hands made:

I’d be alright with it if i looked like Han Solo maybe.
Heh heh.


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  1. Al, your resemblance to mark hammel is uncanny my friend.

  2. Damn it. Hehe
    I just can’t see it.
    It’s worrying, he hasn’t aged well.

    Thats it, I’m growing my beard back in. 🙂

  3. Oh Al your much better looking than him. I can see the similarity though.

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