The Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Me & Anna eventually managed to get ourselves over to the Festival this week.
And lemme tell y’folks,
What a great day it turned out to be!

We had tickets to go see internet funny man Limmy.
His show was pretty damn impressive and the time flew by all too quickly but he has a great show.
I reccomend it.
Find him here:

We then found ourselves aimlessly wandering Edinburgh and bumping into things like the tourists we were.
I don’t know Edinburgh at all and as for Anna,
When it comes to directions,
I’d be better off asking this guy:

I should also mention that i’ve found the best cafe in the entire of Scotland!
It’s called The Underground Cafe and can be found at 34 Elder Street.
A lovely laid back atmosphere with live piano music, excellent food, and just…homely.
Great. Go!

Our time in Edinburgh ended with us walking up and down Princess Street taking lots of photos which I’ll upload soon somewhere.

I like Edinburgh and i’m goona go back soon.
This time, i might even buy a map.
I probably won’t though.


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  1. Yeah, he would be a pretty poor Edinburgh tour guide…

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