“In Search Of A Midnight Kiss”.

This was the wonderful film I won tickets for at the GFT in Glasgow.

Anna and me walked in not knowing a thing about this film ’cause thats the kind of crazy people we are.
See us?
We live on the edge!

I’m not going to give anything away except thats it’s shot in lovely clean black & white and well worth a look.
Go see for yourself.

I like to see films because i like the title or buy albums because i like the album cover.
It’s a good way to be.

On the way home, i bought “An Anthropoligist On Mars” by Oliver Sacks.

A good day today!


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  1. I saved your blog to my favorites…

    I listened to your song several times today and it was stuck in my head at work. Better than some other songs, I guess!

    A very imaginative person is Mr. Cook…

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